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Checkweigher – 15kg

$15,995.00 excl. GST

  • Heavy load, for product weight up to 15kg, with accuracy under 5 grams.
  • For pouches, bags, soft-sided containers, bottles and more.
  • Easy to operate touch screen interface
  • Ability to store 100 different products.
  • Comes with different rejecter options and can also integrate with a metal detector for added security


You’ve got a great product being mass-produced, but you’re not sure how much it weighs at the end of production, or at critical intervals.

It’s incredibly important to know the weight of your product because this can affect everything from quality control, shipping and storage costs to regulatory compliance.

The Triton Checkweigher CW-15KG is the perfect solution for accurately weighing your products. With a capacity of up to 15kg and an accuracy of under 5 grams, this checkweigher is perfect for a wide range of products. The easy-to-use touchscreen interface makes operation simple, and the ability to store 100 different products means that you can easily manage an array of manufactured goods. Plus, with different rejecter options and the ability to integrate with a metal detector, you can be sure that your products are always weighed accurately.


Scale Division 2 Gram
Weighing range 100~150009
Accuracy ±2g
Weighing speed 80pcs/min
Belt speed 8~80meter/min
Plaform size 880x600mm
Height 750±50mm
Belt size 800x500mm
Belt material PVC (Black)
Belt thickness 2mm
Tested object size 100~600x 50~450x S0~S00mm
Display size 10inch
Alarm light 3-color signal light
Alarm horn optional
Holder/Frame material carbon steel paint
Weigher platformmaterial 201 stainless steel
Data storage 100 sets of parameters and 1 million weighing results
Communication RS485 (Modbus RTU)/Modbus TCP/IP
Rejection mechanism user customized
Segments user customized
Air pressure user customized
IP grade                                                                                                           IP54

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