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Label Applicators

Automatically applying pressure-sensitive labels onto cartons, boxes, and product, reduces labour while increasing accuracy and production output. At the same time, your operation can significantly increase the accuracy of label placement with a fast payback with the labour saved.

Triton has been implementing successful label applicator solutions into processing lines for over 35 years. Triton designs and delivers the entire solution spectrum from local offices in Australia.  From applying a simple promotional label to a pack, through to complex solutions involving integration with other equipment such as scanning a barcode and doing a product lookup to determine an action required for an outer shipper or pallet, Triton has your needs covered.

Perfect Label Placement

Triton match the right technology to your line and environment to ensure precise label placement on all types and shapes of surfaces.

Leading Applicator Brands

We work with leading manufacturers in our regions to ensure the right solution is commissioned on your line.

Unmatched Support

Your solution is backed by our readily available service team ensuring reliability and uptime is delivered to your business.

Brand Partners