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2D Barcode Scanners

Are you in the market for a reliable 2D barcode scanner? Look no further than the selection of scanners available at the Triton Store. Our selection of 2D barcode scanners is perfect for any need, from enterprises to small businesses. We offer an expansive range of features, ranging from Multi-platform compatibility, high accuracy, and fast reading speeds to intuitive user interfaces, trustworthy programs and incredibly reliable service. Triton’s selection of 2D Barcode Scanners is collated with both industrial and everyday users in mind.

Zebra Scanner DS3678 Rugged Barcode Scanner
In Stock
Zebra Scanner Kit DS3678 2D Short Range + Cradle
Original price was: $1,690.00.Current price is: $1,521.00. excl. GST
Zebra Scanner Kit DS3608 2D Short Range DS3608-SR00003VZWW
In Stock
Zebra Scanner Kit DS3608 2D Short Range
$980.00 excl. GST
Zebra DS9300 Barcode Scanner
In Stock
Zebra Scanner DS9308 2D USB
$280.00 excl. GST
Zebra Scanner DS3608 2D Extended Range DS3608-ER20003VZWW
In Stock
Zebra Scanner DS3608 2D Extended Range
$1,440.00 excl. GST
Zebra DS2278 Barcode Scanner
Available to Order
Zebra Scanner DS2278 Bluetooth 2D Short Range USB + Cradle
$355.00 excl. GST
Zebra PDT MC930B-G + Extended Range
In Stock
Zebra PDT MC930B-G + Extended Range
$3,420.00 excl. GST
Zebra PDT MC930B-G
Available to Order
Zebra PDT MC930B-G
MC930P-GSHDG4RW Zebra MC9300
In Stock
Zebra PDT MC9300P + Standard Range
$3,285.00 excl. GST
Zebra PDT MC92N0-G
Available to Order
Zebra PDT MC92N0-G
Zebra MC3300
In Stock
Zebra MC3300P + Standard Range + 2D
$2,590.00 excl. GST
Honeywell-Orbit-7190g Barcode Scanner
Available to Order
Honeywell Scanner Orbit 7190G 1D/2D Hybrid USB Black
$315.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PDT CK65 1000x1000 Logo
In Stock
Honeywell PDT CK65 2D Short Range
$2,280.00 excl. GST
Honeywell PDT CK65 1000x1000 Logo
In Stock
Honeywell PDT CK65 2D + Camera
$2,920.00 excl. GST

All About 2D Barcode Scanners

Barcodes are ubiquitous in our modern world, appearing on everything from products to documents. These machine-readable codes encode all sorts of important information that can be used to identify and track items, making them a vital tool for businesses.

Barcodes are of two types: one-dimensional (1D) (also called linear barcodes) and two-dimensional (2D – also called matrix barcodes or micropattern codes).

One-dimensional barcodes are traditional barcode symbologies that store data horizontally and feature a sequence of vertical lines of varying widths and spaces. Some common examples of linear barcodes include Universal Product Code (UPC), European Article Number (EAN), Code 128 and Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF 2 of 5).

Two-dimensional barcodes are complex barcode symbologies that store data both horizontally and vertically, resulting in greater data storage capacity and data density. They contain graphics or patterns like dots, squares, or hexagons arranged in rows, columns, and corners representing data. Some common examples of 2D barcodes are Quick Response code (QR code), Aztec code, PDF417, Maxicode and Data Matrix.

2D barcodes offer various advantages over 1D barcodes, such as higher data storage capacity, higher scanning speeds, improved data accuracy and reliability, less overall space requirements and greater security. Such benefits have led to the increased popularity and adoption of 2D barcodes among businesses in various industries.

What is a 2D Barcode Scanner?

2D barcode scanners are scanning devices capable of reading and decoding two-dimensional barcodes, one-dimensional barcodes and stacked barcode symbologies. These devices use advanced CCD and Imaging technology to accurately capture and decode barcoded data, even when the codes are damaged, distorted, or otherwise obscured.

2D barcode scanners come with omnidirectional scanning technology, which allows them to read barcodes from any orientation. The 2D scanners also feature advanced optics and illumination systems that result in an extended reading range, allowing for fast and accurate decoding of even the most complex barcodes.

Types of 2D Barcode Scanners Offered By Triton

The Triton Store offers the following types of 2D barcode scanners.

  • General barcode scanners
  • Rugged barcode scanners
  • Mobile Terminals
  • USB barcode scanners
  • Wireless barcode scanners
  • Bluetooth barcode scanners
  • Fixed scanners and sensors

General Barcode Scanners

General barcode scanners are generic scan devices that provide accurate, efficient, and reliable barcode scanning. These devices are lightweight, simple to use and offer a wide range of features that make data collection easier.

General scanners are not very durable and are only able to handle minor accidents such as accidental drops. Nonetheless, they still serve vital business needs and work well in low-intensity environments such as retail stores, supermarkets, and offices.

Check out Triton’s general barcode scanner homepage for a complete selection of general-purpose barcode scanners.

2D General Barcode Scanner

Rugged Barcode Scanners

Rugged barcode scanners incorporate the same features as general barcode scanners. However, they are designed with resilience and toughness as core attributes. 

Rugged scanners are built with strong materials such as reinforced plastic and metal. They come equipped with protective features such as bumpers, rubber frames and coatings to defend against drops, tumbles, dust, dirt, water spills and other liquids. These scanners haveIngress Protection (IP) rating, tumble test certification, and pass drop-impact tests, ensuring utmost durability.

Visit Triton’s rugged barcode scanner homepage to browse a selection of high-quality and reasonably priced rugged barcode scanners.

2D Rugged Barcode Scanner

Mobile Terminals

Mobile Terminals are hand-held devices that combine barcode scanning with mobile computing capabilities in one single device. They have a lightweight design with an ergonomic grip for portability and convenience. They are also known as Mobile Computer barcode scanners.

Mobile Terminals run on Android or Windows operating systems and feature in-built memory capacity and powerful processors for speedy data processing. They offer various wireless connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, radio frequencies, and mobile broadband (3G/4G). They also feature a touchscreen display and an integrated keyboard for convenient data entry and documentation.

Mobile Terminals are durable devices designed for harsh outdoor conditions and challenging work applications such as warehouses, logistics and manufacturing. They are made with strong materials like reinforced plastic or metal and feature sturdy housing, rubber grips, and bumpers. In addition, they come with Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, tumble ratings, and certified drop tests, ensuring they are highly resilient.

Stop by Triton’s Mobile Terminal homepage to explore a selection of Mobile Terminals available in different models and configurations.

2D Barcode Scanning Mobile Computer

USB Barcode Scanners

Universal Serial Bus (USB) barcode scanners are wired barcode scanners that link to a host machine (such as a computer) via a USB cable and USB interface. The scanners use the USB connection for power supply, communication, and transferring barcoded information.

USB barcode scanners cannot work independently and always need a host device to carry out their scanning and decoding functions, as they don’t have an in-built memory or processor. USB scanners provide a simple, cost-effective way of scanning barcodes without hassle.

USB barcode scanners require minimal setup and installation, making them ideal for use in stores, supermarkets, offices, and other locations where barcode scanning is regularly required.

Check out Triton’s USB barcode scanner homepage to purchase quality USB barcode scanners at competitive prices.

2D USB Barcode Scanner

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Wireless barcode scanners are scanning devices that transfer barcode data wirelessly using radio frequency such as WiFi or Bluetooth from the scanner device to the host device.

Wireless scanners have built-in memory and processors, making them capable of storing and processing barcode information without necessarily requiring a host device. They come with a reachable battery responsible for providing power to the device and running its operations seamlessly.

A wireless barcode scanner can connect with its host device in two ways.

  • Directly with the host device (direct connectivity)
  • Via a charging dock or base station (indirect connectivity)

Wireless barcode scanners are an ideal scanning solution for businesses that require mobility and freedom. They are widely used in retail stores, supermarkets, healthcare industry, manufacturing plants and logistics and warehouse environments.

Triton’s wireless barcode scanner homepage offers an extensive selection of the best-quality wireless barcode scanners available at great prices. Shop now!

Wireless logo representing 2D wireless barcode scanners

Fixed Scanners and Sensors

Fixed scanners and sensors are scanning devices designed to be mounted in a permanent location and automatically scan the barcodes of the products as they pass by. These scanners and sensors are equipped with advanced detection systems to ensure seamless scanning of items without any manual intervention.

Fixed scanners and sensors rely on lasers or imaging technologies to read barcodes from a distance. They are commonly used on production lines, conveyors and assembly lines in large factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Head to Triton’s fixed scanners and sensors homepage to find a range of reliable and efficient image-based 1D and 2D code scanners.

2D Fixed Barcode Scanner

Advantages of 2D Barcode Scanners

Here are the key benefits of using 2D barcode scanners over 1D barcode scanners.

  • Ability to read and decode 1D, 2D and stacked barcode symbologies
  • Ability to read barcodes from digital screens
  • Ability to read and decode damaged and poorly-printed barcodes
  • Better scanning performance
  • High accuracy and readability
  • Faster scan speeds
  • Omnidirectional scanning
  • Longer scan range
  • Enhanced productivity and profitability

Top 2D Barcode Scanners Brands

Honeywell International Inc.

Honeywell Logo representing 2D Honeywell Barcode Scanners

Honeywell International Inc. is a multinational conglomerate that prides itself on being a pioneer in technological advancements across multiple industries. Founded in 1906, this Fortune 100 company delivers cutting-edge products and solutions in several fields, including aerospace, building technologies, energy efficiency solutions, security systems, retail stores and more.

Honeywell is constantly pushing boundaries to create a more sustainable, efficient, and connected world. With a strong focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence, it’s no wonder that Honeywell has become a household name synonymous with quality and reliability.

Honeywell has achieved success through extensive research and development, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships, allowing the company to expand its product range. One of their most notable moves was the acquisition of Hand Held Products, a leading brand in the barcode scanner market.  

With the acquisition of Hand Held Products, Honeywell expanded its product portfolio in the mobile data collection and industrial computing industry. Honeywell kept acquiring more companies, including Metrologic Instruments, EMS Technologies, and Intermec, to further expand their impressive product range and cement itself as an industry leader.

Today, Honeywell offers a range of barcode scanner models with different capabilities that cater to different needs. These include.

  • General-purpose handheld scanners
  • Rugged handheld scanners
  • Presentation scanners
  • Wearable barcode scanners
  • Fixed mount barcode scanners
  • Healthcare barcode scanners

Stop by Triton’s Honeywell barcode scanner homepage to view a range of available Honeywell scanner models.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra Logo representing 2D Zebra Barcode Scanners

Zebra Technologies is a global leader in technology solutions that empower businesses of all sizes to achieve peak performance. From barcode scanners and RFID technology to mobile computing and printing solutions, Zebra Technologies delivers an extensive portfolio of products to meet the needs of any organization.

Zebra Technologies was founded in 1969 by Edward L. Kaplan and Gerhard Cless and is currently headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, United States. With over 50 years of industry expertise, Zebra’s innovative and reliable products are trusted by thousands of businesses in industries ranging from healthcare to retail and manufacturing.

With a commitment to innovation, quality, reliability, and customer service, Zebra Technologies has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Their commitment to excellence and customer service has earned them a loyal customer following and an impressive suite of awards.

Since becoming a public entity in 1991, Zebra Technologies has expanded rapidly through strategic acquisitions. Of these, the Enterprise Division of Motorola Solutions is perhaps the most significant. This move, completed in 2014 for $3.45 billion, brought Symbol Technologies and Psion product lines into the Zebra fold and markedly expanded their product portfolio.

Today, Zebra is a major player in the industry, and their acquisition of the Enterprise Division was a turning point in that journey. With a growing reputation for quality and innovation, it’s no wonder Zebra Technologies is leading the pack.

Zebra Technologies offer the following types of barcode scanners.

  • General-purpose handheld scanners
  • General-purpose on-counter and hands-free scanners
  • Ultra-rugged barcode scanners
  • In-counter barcode scanners
  • Companion barcode scanners
  • Fixed mount barcode scanners
  • Mobile terminals
  • Healthcare barcode scanners

Head to Triton’s Zebra barcode scanner homepage for a complete selection of Zebra scanner models.