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Linerless Label Banding Machine

Linereless label banding machines are essential for any business that needs to print and apply labels quickly, easily, and sustainably and present their products to stand out on the shelf to customers.

This type of machine is designed to work without the need for a liner, which makes the process of applying labels much faster, easier and significantly better for the environment.

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Options

Coming in two options with the Automatic CTW-BC50 and the Semi Automatic CTW-B50.  Click the link if you would like to see our selection of Linerless Label Applicators.

Conventional Label Application

Conventional labels often require a label for the top and the bottom of tray.

Linerless Label Banding

With Linerless label banding only one label is required which wraps around the entire tray, sealing it securely, and leaving your product on display for the customer!

The Linerless Label banding system produces an all in one label with customisable information about your product including ingredients, barcode, date of manufacture and more.

Heat Sealed - No Adhesives

Conventional labels have adhesives to stick them onto surfaces.  Adhesives themselves are not recyclable. 

When labels are recycled, the adhesive needs to be removed from the paper pulp. Adhesives create many complications when recycling products and they actually contaminate packaging recycling unless removed by an expensive recycling process.

Triton’s linerless banding solutions eliminate the need to remove adhesives.  The banding is heat sealed, and can be recycled with the packaging or easily removed if not matched with the packaging. Eliminating the need to remove adhesive naturally improves efficiency and lowers the cost of recycling.  

The bottom line is linerless label bands are environmentally friendly and better for the planet!

Environmentally friendly Linerless Labels

Unify Print and Seal Together

1. Seal Without Glue

Seal your product without the need for glue. Our linerless label banding solution uses a heat-activated adhesive that is non-resealable.

2. Open with Ease

The label band is easy to open with micro performation making it easy to open for all users.

3. Show Your Product

The clear linerless film label shows your product even with the label wrapped around it.

4. Stack Your Product

Hold multiple packages together with a clear linerless label band.

Multiple Label Formats

Multiple label formats can be used with this Linerless Label Banding Machine, giving you the ability to choose the perfect label for your product.

Operate the core functionality of your Linerless Label Banding Machine with a user-friendly touchscreen interface with the ability to have customised settings for each package type.

Print All Surfaces with Variable Information

With the Linerless Label Banding Machine, you can print on any surface including curved and uneven surfaces.

You can also print variable information on each label, such as barcodes, manufacturing date, and more.

The Latest Innovation in Linerless Label Technology

This linerless banding solution is the very latest innovation in linerless technology. It is developed and manufactured by our exclusive partner, meaning we can offer you a product that is fit for your specific labelling needs.