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X-Ray Inspection

Our cutting-edge X-ray technology solutions can help meat, poultry, fish, fresh produce processors and a wide range of other food packaging manufacturers improve and manage the quality of their products.

X-ray systems protect brand image, improve reliability, and are easy to operate and service. In turn, these improvements to your product quality allow for future growth and expansion by increasing your reputation for product quality and reducing risk to you, and your customers and clients.

Food X-Ray Inspection​

X-ray detection is a rapidly expanding inspection technology used within food manufacturing facilities providing enhanced safety and security for your brand. It has essentially become the preferred food contaminant detection solution for meat processors and other food packaging companies.  When food products contain any type of contamination, it may cause potential damage to your customers as well as your brand, likely resulting in your company being penalised.

X-Ray Inspection Delivery Partner

At Triton we have over 35 years experience in delivering integrated software and hardware solutions to meat and other food processors in the Asia-Pacific region with a focus in Australia and New Zealand.  Our track record is proven in consulting with customers to find the right solution then delivering successful Food X-Ray Inspection systems.

A&D ProteX X-Ray Systems​

As an approved reseller of A&D, Triton partners with them to deliver their world-class X-Ray solution, the ProteX X-Ray System.

Using advanced algorithms in a compact design, the A&D ProteX inline X-ray inspection systems are not only able to detect metal contaminants, but also alert you to bone fragments, plastic and glass.

X-ray food inspection is also able to detect metal contaminants in products within foil or metallised packaging, thus offering extra protection to your business compared to conventional metal detectors.

The ProteX X-ray system allows you to inspect if there is a missing product inside the package, and also check for broken or incomplete products. This ensures good product quality, and helps in brand protection as well as recall prevention.

The ProteX X-ray machine is designed with sanitisation and hygiene in mind. The sloped surfaces minimise water collection, and the quick release belts and curtains are easy to clean and replace. To keep operators safe, machine faults are visually displayed and safety sensors are embedded at access points.

As the smallest in class, the ProteX X-ray machine allows for easy in-line integration with minimal reconfiguration of your existing equipment.

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