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Linerless Label Applicators

Are you looking for a new way to label your products?

Triton’s range of Linerless Labelling systems are the perfect solution. They are innovative and cost-effective label applicators specifically designed for applying linerless labels that can be used on multiple types of product, whether it’s ready meals, meats, vegetables, seafood or pasta. With a range of options from fully automatic, semi-automatic to manual label application, we have solutions for almost all use cases and budgets.

Our linerless labelling machine technology will help you achieve three important objectives. Firstly ensuring your product presents well on the supermarket shelf, secondly including important information about the product such as barcodes, ingredients, nutritional panels and expiry dates. And last but certainly not least, reducing your waste and carbon footprint.

See our range below and make an enquiry through the product page, or reach out to us through the chat widget below.  Click the link if you would like to see our range of Linerless Label Banding Machines.

Linerless Label Machine Options

Triton has a range of affordable next-generation Clear Thermal Linerless label applicator systems to meet your budgets and production throughputs whilst having the film pre-printed. This delivers users a unique operating feature; thermal overprinting anywhere on the label versus thermal transfer normally within a smaller designated area (the variable data in-line and then apply the label directly to the finished item).

From hand-applied manual options through to semi-automatic and fully automatic options in production lines, Triton has both the combination of the right machine and material to ensure the product is attractive to the consumer and stands out on the sales shelf.


Linerless Label Thermal Printing

What is a Linerless Labelling Applicator?

The Linerless Labelling Applicator simply is the applicator that applies a special type of linerless label to a product. The labels are supplied on a reel with adhesive strips on the underside that allow the label to adhere to the package once wrapped. Another means “Banding” on the other hand uses the ultrasonic principle to weld the material together to make an extremely strong join.

Linerless Label Applicators supplied from Triton offer two main application methods as pictured below.

Linerless Label Overwrapping
Linerless Label Single Wrapping
Linerless Label Single Wrapping

Below is a video that overviews the range of Linerless Label Applicators, we offer.

What are the Benefits of using Linerless Labels?

There are many reasons why using Linerless labels can be beneficial for your business. We wrote an in-depth article here on the top benefits.

Linerless Label System Experience

Triton is a print technology expert and we’ve applied that knowledge to Linerless Label Systems. Triton understands label material, adhesives, and other types of materials for Linerless Label systems in order to provide our clients with the best possible end product. With printing experience gained since 1984, we are also experts at food safety labelling compliance work and can help you meet your regulatory compliances too.

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