New Range of Touchscreens

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Triton has expanded its range of industrial PC touchscreens used for a variety of purposes in the high demanding food processing environment. Existing customers will be most familiar with the “T” series range, which have proved their longevity in their various applications in our markets.

A new range means greater choice for customers to select the most appropriate unit for their budget and environment offering greater flexibility and choice.

TA Series - Suits all Budgets

The TA Series is a non-stainless range and comes in screen sizes between 10″-17” and are suitable to any splash or general industrial environment (food service, further processing etc.). The TA range has an attractive low price point and with an IP66 rating provide excellent value for suitable applications.

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TS Series - The Value Proposition

The TS range is a stainless steel range and comes in screen sizes 17″ and 21.5″ and is suitable to any wash-down or industrial environment. The TS range has an attractive middle price point suitable for most budgets with an IP66 rating.

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T Series - Heavy Duty Performer

The T Series range has been the mainstay of Triton’s offering for 7 years .  These come in screen sizes, 12″, 20″, 24″ and are well suited to any heavy industrial environment (Slaughter floor etc.).

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Please contact our Customer Solutions Team for pricing and lead times!

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