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Towa APN-100 Mech-Sensor Label Applicator

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Introducing the Towa Label Applicator APN-100: Your Ultimate Labeling Solution

Revolutionize your labelling process with the Towa Label Applicator APN-100, an epoch-making tool designed to simplify and securely dispense and apply barcode labels, general labels, and seals in roll format. Whether you’re in retail, logistics, couriers, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, or any other industry, this versatile device is here to make your labelling tasks effortless and efficient.

No More Mechanical Adjustments: Say goodbye to the hassle of manual adjustments. The Towa Label Applicator APN-100 features a cutting-edge “Mech-Sensor System” that automatically detects labels of varying strokes, eliminating the need for tedious manual alignment when loading labels. This means you can start labeling quickly and with precision.

Easy Operation: Operating the Towa Label Applicator APN-100 is a breeze. It functions like a hand labeller, ensuring that you can start using it with minimal learning curve. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to labeling, this device will fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Versatile Label Handling: With a label gap of 2-3mm, the APN-100 can accommodate a wide range of label sizes. The label stroke can be as short as 18mm or as long as 60mm, while the label width can range from 50mm to 100mm. This versatility allows you to handle a variety of label types and sizes without the need for multiple machines.

Maximum Efficiency: Increase your labelling productivity significantly with the Towa Label Applicator APN-100. Its convenient and durable design ensures that you can label more items every day, making your labelling tasks faster and more efficient.

Important Considerations:

  • Labels must be more than 50µm thick to work effectively with this applicator.
  • While the APN-100 supports a wide range of label materials, some special labels like film or synthetic paper may not be compatible. Please consult with us for details before using special labels to ensure optimal performance.

Upgrade your labelling process today with the Towa Label Applicator APN-100. Experience the ease of use, precision, and efficiency that this remarkable device brings to your business. Say goodbye to label alignment woes and hello to a seamless labeling experience.


Product Number: APN-100

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