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Senor DP-220III Dot Matrix POS Printer

This product has been discontinued.  Please follow the description below for the updated and recommended replacement model.

The replacement model for the DP-220III is the new DP-330



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Introducing the DP-220III Dot Matrix Receipt Printer – your dependable choice for high-quality, multi-purpose printing in various demanding environments, particularly kitchens and retail settings.

Reliable Serial Impact Printing: The DP-220III employs a robust serial impact printing method, ensuring consistent and clear prints even in challenging conditions.

Lightning-Fast Printing: With a blazing fast printing speed of 5.1 Lines Per Second (LPS), you can swiftly generate receipts, kitchen orders, tickets, and more, improving overall efficiency in your operations.

Auto Paper Cutter with Tear Bar: This printer features an auto paper cutter with a tear bar, making paper handling a breeze. Say goodbye to manual cutting and torn receipts.

Integrated Power Supply: The DP-220III is equipped with a built-in power supply, streamlining your setup and reducing clutter around your workspace.

Built-In Print Alarm Buzzer: Never miss an important print again, thanks to the built-in print alarm buzzer that alerts you to completed print jobs.

Ample Memory: With 64 Mbit SDRAM and 16 Mbit flash ROM, this printer has the memory capacity to handle your printing tasks with ease.

Versatile Character Set: It supports a 95 alpha-numeric character set, ensuring that you can print a wide range of characters and symbols as needed.

Graphics and Logo Printing: Enhance your receipts and documents with logo and graphic printing capabilities, allowing you to maintain branding and professionalism.

Wide Compatibility: The DP-220III supports various drivers, including OPOS, JPOS, Linux, and Mac, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems.

Flexible Paper Handling: Accommodating different paper roll widths (76 ± 0.5, 69.5 ± 0.5, 57.5 ± 0.5 mm), this printer offers versatility in paper selection.

Compact Design: With dimensions of 160 mm (width) x 239 mm (depth) x 157 mm (height), the DP-220III is compact and can fit into tight spaces without sacrificing functionality.

Ribbon Compatibility: It supports ERC-30/34/38 black/red ribbons, allowing you to choose the ribbon that best suits your needs.

Recommended for Kitchens and More: The DP-220III is specially recommended for challenging environments like busy kitchens, but it’s also suitable for a wide range of applications, including receipt printing, ticketing, and generating multiple copies in retail settings.

In summary, the DP-220III Dot Matrix Receipt Printer is a reliable and versatile printing solution designed to excel in demanding environments. Its robust features, fast printing speed, and compatibility with various paper sizes and drivers make it an excellent choice for businesses that require dependable, high-quality printing. Elevate your printing capabilities with the DP-220III today.


Product Number: P-220IIIEBB1N

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