Australia Post Return Label: A Complete Explanation

Australia Post Return Label

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The rapidly changing world of online shopping and e-commerce demands a smooth and effective returns system in a paramount way. Central to this system is the essential function of return labels, which significantly impact both customer contentment and the operational effectiveness of a business.

Australia Post’s return label service steps into this arena as a game-changer, offering a streamlined and user-centric approach that simplifies the return process. By providing an accessible and easy-to-navigate platform, AusPost makes creating and printing return labels effortless.    

In this article, we delve deeper into the mechanics and benefits of Australia Post’s return label service, shedding light on setting new standards for convenience and efficiency in the e-commerce world.

To gain a more comprehensive insight into return labels and their importance within the shipping sector, consult our in-depth guide – What Are Return Labels?

What are Australia Post Return Labels?

What is an Australia post return label

Australia Post return labels are prepaid, pre-addressed postage labels used for returning items via Australia Post. These labels are part of a service provided by Australia Post to facilitate easy returns for customers and efficient handling for businesses. 

When customers need to return an item, they can simply print out a return label, attach it to their package, and send it back without additional postage or complicated procedures. This system is designed to streamline the return process, saving time and reducing errors, thereby enhancing the overall experience for both the sender and the recipient.

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How do Australia Post Return Labels Work?

Here’s how the Australia Post return labels work to streamline the process of return for your parcel:

  • Start on the Website: Go to the Australia Post website to begin your return. Click on the return label service.
  • Fill in the Details: Enter the return address and your package’s details. This ensures you get the right label for the trip back.
  • Pay for the label: If the store didn’t pay for your return label, you must buy it online. If they did, you can skip this part.
  • Get Your Label: After you’ve entered your details and paid, the website will make your return label. It has everything needed for the return trip.
  • Printing the label: You can print your label at home or an Australia Post local post. Stick it on your parcel once it is printed.
  • Drop Off Your Parcel: Take your parcel to an Australia Post office or a drop-off spot. 
  • Parcel Tracking: After the parcel is in the postal system, the customer and the retailer can track its journey back to the retailer or designated return address.
  • Receipt by Retailer: The retailer receives the returned item, completing the process. 

What Information is Required on an Australia Post Return Label?

List of nine informations required on an australia post return label

An Australia Post return label must contain specific information to ensure the package is correctly processed and reaches its intended destination. The required details typically include:

  • Recipient’s Address: The address of the business or individual to whom the return package is being sent. This is usually pre-filled by the retailer or sender.
  • Sender’s Details: Information about the person returning the item, including their name and return address, in case the package needs to be returned to the sender.
  • Barcode and Tracking Number: A unique identifier for the package that allows both the sender and the recipient to track its journey back. This is crucial for monitoring the return and providing proof of postage. 
  • Postage Paid Stamp: Indicates that the sender does not need to pay for postage. The cost is typically covered by the retailer or an agreement with Australia Post.
  • Parcel Weight and Dimensions: Details about the parcel’s weight and size are included. This information is crucial for postage calculation and handling.
  • Return Authorisation Number (RAN) or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA): Some businesses require a specific code to process returns effectively. This number is often provided by the retailer when the return is authorised.
  • QR Code (Optional): Some labels may include a QR code, which can be scanned for quick access to tracking information or additional return details. Additionally, it can link to specific return instructions or details relevant to the particular item being returned. To learn more about QR codes, refer to our dedicated guide – What is a QR Code?
  • Date of Issue: The date when the label was generated and printed is displayed, providing a reference for the return timeline.

Why Should You Use Australia Post Return Label?

Certain exclusive features give Australia Post return labels an upper hand over other parcel return services. These features include:

Parcel Locker Returns

Australia Post’s Parcel Locker Returns feature is integrated explicitly with their return labels, offering a distinct advantage. When customers use a return label from Australia Post, they can drop off their labelled parcel at any Parcel Locker location, available 24/7 across Australia.

This integration means that the return labels are not just limited to post office drop-offs but are also compatible with the convenient Parcel Locker network. This enhances the flexibility and accessibility of the return process. This service is beneficial for customers seeking an after-hours return option, seamlessly linking the return label usage with Australia Post’s extensive locker network.

My Post

Australia Post’s MyPost service enhances the return label experience by offering a digital solution. Customers can use MyPost to create, pay for, and print their return labels directly from their smartphones or computers. This digital integration makes the return process highly convenient and efficient, eliminating the need to visit a post office for label creation.

MyPost return labels are ideal for customers seeking a quick and easy way to manage returns, providing a streamlined, user-friendly approach to handling return shipments with Australia Post.

QR Code Integration

Australia Post incorporates QR codes into some of their return labels, adding a layer of convenience and functionality. When a return label includes a QR code, customers can easily access detailed tracking information and specific return instructions by scanning the code with a smartphone. 

This feature streamlines the return process, offering real-time updates and essential information at the fingertips. The QR code integration on Australia Post return labels represents a modern approach to postal services, enhancing customer experience by providing instant, accessible data about their return parcels.

Multiple Return Options to Choose From

Australia Post provides the sender with more than just one return option. They can easily choose the way they want to offer the return option based on these three available facilities of Australia Post:

Returns Portal

Australia Post allows customers to self-serve by using a co-branded online portal. This portal allows them to generate and print return labels at home, at the Post Office or the retailer.

Label Provided Returns

Businesses can simply drop a return label along with the parcel and only pay for the return shipping if the customer opts for a return.

Contact You Returns

Australia Post also allows businesses to email their customers the return label if they contact the business. Further, the business can arrange for a pickup of the item. This is mainly ideal for large or bulky items.

Types of Australia Post Return Label

There are various types of return labels, each suiting a different customer’s need and purpose. Here is the list of Australia post return label services. 

Parcel Return Labels

Parcel Return Labels are tailored for customers needing to return parcels conveniently and efficiently. These labels require parcels to be appropriately packed in a prepaid satchel or mailing box or a satchel with a postage label. 

The service is designed for parcels weighing under 16 kg with dimensions not exceeding 39 x 36 x 64 cm. It’s important to note that this service does not accept letters and standard mail. 

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the Express Post guarantee — promising next-business-day delivery within specific areas for rapid parcel transit — does not extend to parcels dispatched via a Parcel Locker. These 24/7 accessible storage spaces, provided by Australia Post for convenient parcel collection and drop-off, are exempt from this guarantee as specified in Australia Post’s terms and conditions.

Reply Paid Return Labels

Reply Paid return service is for delivering response envelopes or cards to addresses within Australia. The reply paid service offers its customers two options: Domestic Reply Paid for returns within Australia and International Reply Paid for returns from overseas. 

You’ll need an Australia Post Business Credit account for the reply paid return labels. There’s an annual fee charged by the Australia Post for this return service. An annual fee of AU$122 applies for every domestic Reply Paid permit, which is charged to the business account. Your monthly statement will show the Reply Paid volume and charges for that month. 

International Reply Paid has a one-off application fee of AU$80.80 but no annual fee. Postage rates depend on the size and weight of the item and whether the Reply Paid address is barcoded.

Businesses typically use Reply Paid with pre printed barcoded envelopes inserted into a direct mail campaign or ask the recipient to respond to a campaign using their envelope and handwriting the Reply Paid address.

Print and Post Return Label

Print and Post Return Labels are convenient solutions for customers without printers. They can generate a label online and then print it at an Australia Post location. The service caters to parcels up to 22 kg, with pricing varying based on the parcel’s weight and dimensions.

International Return Label

International Return Labels are specifically designed for customers returning items from overseas. These labels accommodate parcels with a maximum weight limit of 20 kg. The pricing for International Return Labels varies depending on the destination country and parcel size. 

This service provides a streamlined solution for international returns, filling a niche that domestic return labels do not cover. It also ensures a consistent return process for customers worldwide.

How to Create a Return Using Australia Post?

Here are a few simple steps to guide your way to creating a successful return using Australia Post return labels:

  • Go to the official site of Australia Post.
  • Select ‘+ New’ and opt for the ‘Return’ option present on the left-hand side of the website. 
  • Then, verify your Return details. These are linked to your account and indicate where your return will be shipped.
  • Select the sender from the drop-down menu if you have alternative business details.
  • Once done, input the sender details. This refers to the individual initiating the return.
  • Add any sender references you wish to include on your label.
  • Next comes filling in your parcel details.
  • Select your preferred shipping method.
  • Decide how you want to print your label.
  • If choosing ‘Email label to sender’, ensure the sender’s email is accurate. Note that there’s no notification for failed email delivery.
  • If you select ‘Print label now,’ you can print and post the label to the sender or download and email it yourself.
  • Click ‘Create return’ to finalise. Your return will then be listed on the Returns page.

How to Print an Australia Post Return Service Label?

How to Print an Australia Post Return Service Label

Printing an Australia Post return service label is a straightforward process. Still, the choice of printer can significantly affect the ease and quality of your printouts. While various printing technologies are available, thermal printers stand out as the superior option for several reasons.

Thermal printers are known for their efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Thermal printers use heat to transfer an image onto the label, so they don’t require ink or toner. This reduces the ongoing costs of supplies and minimises maintenance and the risk of smudging, ensuring a clear and professional appearance every time. Thermal printers are also typically faster and can easily handle a large volume of labels, making them ideal for individual and business use. 

While thermal printers are the top recommendation, other technologies like inkjet and laser printers can also be used in a pinch. Here’s what you should know:

  • Inkjet Printers: These printers are common in homes and offices. While they can print return labels, the ink may smudge if it gets wet, and the ongoing cost of ink cartridges can be high.
  • Laser Printers: Better for high-volume printing, laser printers offer speed and precision. However, they’re generally more expensive upfront and require toner replacements.

To evaluate the differences between thermal, laser, and inkjet print technologies, explore the following guides:

  1. Thermal Printers Vs Inkjet Printers
  2. Thermal Printers Vs Laser Printers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Types of Australia Post Return Labels?

Australia Post offers several types of return labels, including Parcel Return Labels, Reply Paid Labels, Print and Post Return Labels, and International Return Labels. Each type caters to different return needs, from domestic to international returns, and offers various features like prepaid postage and flexible printing options.

How Do I Create a Return Label with Australia Post?

To create a return label, visit the Australia Post website, enter the required parcel details, choose a shipping method, and select a label printing option. You can print the label at home or at an Australia Post office or choose to email it directly to the sender.

Can I Use Australia Post Return Labels for International Returns?

Yes, Australia Post offers International Return Labels for customers returning overseas items. These labels accommodate parcels up to 20 kg and vary in pricing based on destination and size.

What is the Maximum Weight Limit for Australia Post Return Parcels?

The maximum weight limit for Australia Post return parcels typically is up to 22 kg for domestic returns and up to 20 kg for international returns, depending on the type of return label used.

Are There Any Special Features of Australia Post Return Labels?

Australia Post return labels feature unique options like 24/7 Parcel Locker returns, digital label creation through MyPost, and QR code integration for enhanced tracking and information accessibility.

How Does the QR Code Integration on Australia Post Return Labels Work?

QR codes on Australia Post return labels provide quick access to detailed tracking information and specific return instructions. Scanning the code with a smartphone offers real-time updates and essential information about the return parcel.

What is the Process for Returning Parcels Using Australia Post's Parcel Lockers?

Attach the return label to your parcel and drop it off at any Parcel Locker location for returning parcels using Australia Post’s Parcel Lockers. These lockers are accessible 24/7, making returns convenient and flexible, especially outside regular business hours.


Australia Post’s return labels offer a versatile and user-friendly solution for parcel returns. With options like 24/7 Parcel Locker returns, digital label creation through MyPost, and QR code integration for enhanced tracking, these labels cater to a wide range of customer needs. Australia Post’s innovative approach simplifies the return process, making it more accessible and efficient for individuals and businesses.

We hope this article was useful. 

Thanks for reading! 

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